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Your vehicle’s Air Conditioning system plays multiple roles:

  • Keeps the passenger cabin cool
  • Reduces harmful bacteria
  • Reduces unpleasant smells

It’s recommended that your A/C system is serviced every 2 years.

Air Conditioning Service at AJR Land Rover

As part of an Air Conditioning service your vehicle is drained of A/C refrigerant and oil. A vacuum check is then carried out to ensure that there are no major leaks within the system. Assuming all is well, the Air Conditioning system is refilled with the correct amount of refrigerant and PAG/POE oil.


New Gas? We’ve got it!

With a greater need to reduce environmental impact from motor vehicles, new technologies are being developed. In 2017, it became mandatory for new vehicles to have a more environmentally friendly refrigerant, 1234yf. Note: Some manufacturers started using the later refrigerant as early as 2013.

Which ever refrigerant is suitable for your vehicle, new or old, we’ve got it!

We offer a While-U-Wait service for your Air Conditioning Service.

*Please notify us at point of booking.


How A/C works?

The journey starts at the compressor. Driven by engine rotation, refrigerant is drawn in and compressed to increase its temperature. Hot gas then travels through the condenser to be cooled and liquified. This high-pressure liquid refrigerant is stored until it’s controlled conversion to a lower pressure, which travels into the evaporator. The refrigerant is finally evaporated into a very cold gas, for warm air then passes through the vents, is cooled and sent into the cabin. Cold refrigerant gas is then sucked back into the compressor to repeat its journey.

Diagnostic & Repair

At AJR, we have the equipment and expertise to determine faults with your vehicle, including your Air Con system. Often the first port of call is to carry out a service, but our reception will be able to advise you on the best route forward.

Lack of use and maintenance can cause components to wear or fail prematurely, as well as increase airborne contaminants entering the cabin.

Air Conditioning Oldham

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