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Is your vehicle’s Air Conditioning:

❄️ Not cool enough?
👃 Omitting bad smells?
⚙️ Hasn’t been serviced in the last 2 years?

Then it’s time for a bit of TLC!

For all for of your Air Con Service, Diagnostic & Repair requirements – Contact us!


Happy Armed Forces Day! 🇬🇧

Are your tyres fit & well?

Damage and wear on your tyres aren’t always obvious, so it’s important your have your tyres checked regularly.

🚗 Tread Depth: The legal limit for everyday cars and vans is 1.6mm, BUT when they get to 3mm and lower they start to lose their water clearing efficiency. (This is usually when they’re advised on the MOT)
🚗 Tyre Condition: Are there any Cuts, Tears & Bulges? They can happen at any time on any part of your tyre – Compromising its structure.
🚗 Tyre Pressure: Incorrect tyre pressures can affect the driver experience and cause tyres to wear prematurely.

For advice or assistance with your tyres – Contact Us!


Happy Father’s Day! 👨🍻


Summer road trip time? Remember to ensure your vehicle is ready to go, when you are…

🔋 Battery – Is your battery charging & operating correctly?
👨‍🔧 MOT / Service – Is your MOT certificate valid and has your car been checked over recently?
❄️ Air Con – Is your A/C keeping you cool?
🚗 Tyres – When were your tyres last checked & and are they in good condition?
❓ Additions – If you’re travelling abroad remember to check that countries (and any countries you’ll be passing through) rules and regulations. You can do this at

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With warm weather on the horizon, don’t get caught in a sweat! 😥

❄️Lack of use and TLC can cause the components on your A/C to fail prematurely. Get ready for summer with an Air Conditioning service with us!

For all your vehicle requirements – Contact us 📞



Jubilee Time!

@The Royal Family #HM70 #PlatinumJubilee


Jubilee Fun Fact… Did you know the Queen trained as a mechanic in WWII!?
Her Majesty was representing women in the motor industry long before most of us had thought about it!
Dubbed by the press as “Princess Auto Mechanic”!


We pride ourselves in offering our customers a service they can rely on!

✅ We always have your best interest in mind.
✅ We advise you of work that is reasonably necessary for your safety and which items could wait.
✅ We carry out service & repair in accordance with manufacturer recommendations – so you maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

For all of your MOT, Service, Diagnostic & Repair requirements – Contact us!


Warning lights … Are to WARN you! ⚠️

Often when leading busy lives, it’s easy to say ‘I’ll deal with it tomorrow’. When a warning light illuminates on any vehicle, it’s doing exactly that… Warning you to have your vehicle checked.

Whilst in many cases a warning light is indicating something minor, it can be giving you a heads up on something more sinister. 🙁

Ignoring a warning light could mean a catastrophic failure and/or an unpleasant bill.

📞 For all your vehicle Diagnostic and Repair requirements – Contact us!


MOT due!? Remember you can have your vehicle’s MOT test carried out up to 30 days in advance and still preserve the expiry date! (Also allowing time for us to carry out any repairs in the event of failure)

You can check your MOT date at – 

For all your MOT, Service & Repair Requirements – Contact us!


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